Goodbye, Taylor! Hello Daniel!

Dear students and friends of Washington: thank you for the wonderful memories.

Over the four years I have been here at Washington I’ve had the opportunity to teach and speak with many of you and for those of you who were my students I’ve had the opportunity to see you improve and grow as English speakers.

It’s been a pleasure to teach you and I know that you will do your best and keep studying. Don’t give up!

Learning a language is a lifestyle, not something you do for a few years and stop. Remember that while your teacher is ready to teach you new things and explain things you don’t understand you have a responsibility as a student to review what you have learned and make sure you understand.

Work hard and you will see the difference!

As for me, I’ll be back in Canada with my friends and family preparing to enter law school. Wish me luck! I know it won’t be easy but I will also do my best. I hope to see you all again.

Peace and Love!

Halloween parties!

Halloween was Oct. 31, and we had two parties for students — a parade for kids, and a dinner for adults.

Both were a lot of fun! The parade started at Bipuresu, went down to Shinsegai, up to the top of Kamitori, and back to Bipuresu.

That’s a lot of walking! But trick-or-treating is fun, and everybody loves candy!

Our adult party was at the Kourantei on Kamitori. The food was delicious. And some people had costumes!

We started around 6 p.m. and didn’t finish until 8:30 p.m. Some people went to karaoke after!

Everybody liked the parties though. We had a lot of fun.

Thanks to everybody who came to the parade and the party. We’ll see you at the Christmas events!

Saturday at the Beer Garden!

Last week we went to the Beer Garden atop Tsuruya for a drinking party! We had a lot of people there! Probably 32 people, on a Saturday night!

Some people had too much to drink.

But the food was good, and the service was good.

Everybody was excited to be there.


It wasn’t hot, either. Everyone said it would be hot, but it was quite nice.


Maybe we will have another party soon. See you there!

Let’s go, Roasso!

Sunday was the first-ever Washington night out at a Kumamoto Roasso game! There were six of us — Mr. Tateyama, Kevin and four students!

The bus ride to the park was a little hot and crowded. The ride back was tight too.

But once we were at the game, it was nice and comfortable.

The game was fun — but ended in a 1-1 tie, against カターレ富山 … Toyama Kataller.

We all had fun! Some people had more fun than others, though. …

Our next event is this Saturday — a drinking party at the Tsuruya Beer Garden! See you there!

Welcome, new teachers!

This summer, we have three new teachers here at Washington. First was Benjamin. He started in March.

Benjamin is from New Jersey in America, and graduated from Dartmouth University.

Kerensa was next. Kerensa started in May.

Kerensa is from Minnesota in the U.S., and went to the University of Minnesota.

In July, Daniel began working at Washington, as a substitute for two months.

Daniel is from Christchurch, New Zealand, and lives in Arao with his wife.

In September, Daniel will finish and Mark will start.

Mark is from London, and has lived in Kumamoto for about a year.

Welcome to all the new teachers! And thanks to all the departing teachers — Lucas, Jennifer and Naomi — for all their hard work! :mrgreen:

Movie Night at WIL!

On May 27, we had a movie night at WIL! The movie was The Lion King.

The movie was fun. We watched it on the BIG TV in Room 8, with the LITTLE SPEAKERS. It was a very good movie.

After the movie, we talked about some of the points in the movie.

For example:

  1. Who is the voice of Zazu? Answer: Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean!)
  2. What does “circle of life” mean to you?
  3. The word “pride” has many meanings. How many do you know?
  4. This story is similar to many other stories. What does this story remind you of?

And some others. It was a lot of fun. Best of all: WE HAD PIZZA AND COOKIES! :shock: :mrgreen:

See you at the next movie!

The Hanami party was fun!

We had our annual WIL Hanami party on March 31! It was a lot of fun!


The weather was perfect — warm, no wind, and a clear night sky.


It was Lucas’s going away party, and a welcome party for Benjamin.

The blossoms were beautiful, and the castle was very beautiful too.

There was so much food! We couldn’t eat it all. But it was very delicious.


Some people had too much to drink!


We all enjoyed the party. You should join us next year! See you!


Recently Japan has been the victim of another terrible series of disasters. The March 11th Earthquake and the following Tsunami devastated the Tohoku region and took thousands of lives. We at the Washington Institute of Language send our thoughts and prayers to those affected and encourage them to hold on to the hope that things will get better soon. With that in mind, our motto this month is:
“Stay strong Japan!” or “ 頑張れ日本!”.
We would also like to thank those who have asked about us, to which we can happily reply, yes we are safe! Kyushu has not been physically affected by the disaster, but we worry about the safety of everyone in the affected areas. Stay strong Japan!
A better day is coming!