Mandara surprises

On Wednesday, some students and some staff went to Yokotemachi, to see the mandaras there.

A mandara is a painting, and is important to Buddhists. The ones in Yokotemachi are very old. We saw three of them.

Some of them were very old — as old as 370 years! They were all very beautiful.

We could only see them one day a year — Feb. 15. They are not open to the public any other day. So this day was very special.

We will try to go again next year. Maybe we will get a full tour next year. See you there!

London time!

On January 29 we had a London Time event at Washington! After my recent trip back to England I returned with hundreds of photos, lots of shortbread and some very special memories!

Many people came to the event and we looked at my photos and some videos too! Everyone was very interested in English life and culture, so I was happy to happy talk about my holiday with the students.

In London I went to Buckingham Palace and saw the Queen, so everybody was excited to see the photos of Her Majesty! I also made the short journey to Paris by train and we saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe, so everybody was very interested to hear about France as well!

We ate pizza and of course shortbread, so a good time was had by all. Thank you to everyone that attended!