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★To dump somebody

(verb) If you dump somebody, you’re probably going to break their heart. If you dump your boyfriend or girlfriend it means you stop having a romantic relationship with them for some reason. And if you’re dumped, it means that somebody doesn’t want to date you anymore.


だれかにdumpされてしまった(being dumped)=振られてしまったということになります。

でも、心配しなくても大丈夫!There are plenty more fish in the sea!



(noun) Usually if you hear to a friend referring to their ex, they’re referring to their old boyfriend or girlfriend who they no longer date. But if you put it with another noun for example ‘boss’ ex-boss it means your boss from before.  



★To be sick

(adjective) Cough cough sneeze sneeze…no not this kind of sick. If your buddy says that the party was sick. he’s saying he thought it was really cool, awesome or the best. In this case it has a similar meaning to the word awesome,however, you probably will only hear teenagers and college students saying this.

(形容詞)咳やくしゃみのような病気ではありません。例えば・・the party was sick.と誰かが言った時は、ここではsick=cool, awesomeやthe bestと同じような意味合いになります。



★Epic Fail

(noun) The word epic means ‘huge’ and you know what the word ‘fail’ already means. Put the two words together and that’s what it is – a ‘big failure’ or ‘complete disaster/failure’. You’d used this noun when something hasn’t gone the right way as expected and it’s used to exaggerate the idea of failing or doing something wrong.     

epic=とても大きい そして、fail=失敗の意味があります。2つの単語がくっつくと、「大失敗、大惨事」のような意味になります。この表現は思っていた通り物事がうまく進まなかった時などに失敗を強調する意味で使ったりします。


★To be ripped 

(adjective) In normal everyday English ripped means ‘torn’ – you can rip your jeans or a piece of paper, but… …in slang it’s got nothing to do with that. If a person is ripped (usually men/guys, but not always) means they have great muscles and bodies – probably because they work out a lot the gym or are into sport.       






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